A Fair Prospect – now available as an eBook boxed set!

Poll Result
Well, the Poll has closed and the result remained the same throughout the week: the majority felt they could not read a story where Jane did not end up with Mr Bingley! There were some really interesting and thought-provoking comments left, both on the Poll itself and on the post, and I would like to thank everyone who participated. It was fascinating to hear your thoughts!

I think I’ll keep quiet about precisely how much progress I am making towards my NaNo goal of 50,000 words this month and move swiftly on to other news!

Introductory Offer of $2.99 for eBook Boxed Set of A Fair Prospect! As I mentioned under the Works in Progress & Other Writing tab recently, I have been putting all three volumes of A Fair Prospect into an eBook ‘boxed’ set, and once again, between them, Adrea and Rebecca have come up with a lovely cover to represent the whole set. FairProspectBoxedEbook

The boxed set will be available for $6.99 – this is a saving of more than 50% when purchasing the three volumes separately. However, as an introductory offer, it will be available for just $2.99 for 7 days from Friday, 8th November.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Visitors to and followers of my website have the chance to get in early! The boxed set is already available now (6th November) on Amazon at this lower price and for those without a Kindle, you can download a copy for Nook, Kobo, Apple, PDF etc at Smashwords. The coupon code is XB37L and this will expire one week from Friday, ie 15th November.

(It will be available in the Nook, Kobo and Apple stores in due course but it takes a few weeks for it to populate some of these sites; therefore, the only way to obtain a copy at the discounted rate (if you can’t download to Kindle) is to use the coupon code at Smashwords.com.)

I hope very much this will give more readers the opportunity to read my story and, in the meantime, I am going to go away and work on my November word count!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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11 Responses to A Fair Prospect – now available as an eBook boxed set!

  1. TessQ says:

    Beautiful cover! (as always) And the price on this is so right that I may just have to get the ebook ‘boxed’ set even though I already have the three volumes in paperback. After all, I love to reread good stories now and again, and ebooks travel so nicely!

    I guess I missed the poll, though I would have voted with consensus. However, the fact that I like to see Jane and Bingley end up together doesn’t mean, done in your skilled writing, that I wouldn’t enjoy reading a lovely meander through some issues to get them there in the end!


    • Thanks for commenting, Tess, and yes, it’s a gorgeous cover, isn’t it? I am very fortunate!


    • Joann boehm says:

      Tess how did you get the paperback on a fair prospect I have disappointed hopes vol 1 and do not read on kindle or apple or any other I collect Pride and Prejudice books as I am a big big fan please email me msjoboehm@aol.com


      • Hi Joann

        You can find the paperbacks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. There is a link on the Published Works page (tab above) that will take you to where you can purchase direct from Createspace if you live in the US – just click on the relevant cover.

        Let me know if you have any problems.



  2. Ada says:

    Awesome Wednesday treat!


  3. What a treat! The cover looks out of this world, especially with the progression of their relationship so clearly shown, almost as though in ‘fast forward’, with the vol I,II,III silhouettes on the same cover! Brilliant idea!


  4. I had been pending your books and when It released this great offer, I did not doubt to buy them right away.
    I cannot wait to read it. Yours individual covers are precious, and this new cover conserves the similar idea but the colors changed. Why the color changed? Who is the designer of your covers?. A job excellent.

    Best wishes, Cassandra.


  5. Janet T says:

    Love the cover and how it captures the essence of all three volumes! Congratulations! I will be reading these time and again. Even though I have all three paperbacks and the eBooks, I couldn’t resist the boxed set with the beautiful cover and the great price! 🙂


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