A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Six

This chapter has now been removed.

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Writer of romance with all the feels. Dreamer, bookworm, cat lover. Avid fan of antiques TV shows. #proudHufflepuff
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16 Responses to A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Six

  1. Sheila L. Majczan says:

    Well this is interesting. What is Darcy thinking about? And could it be an offer to a certain someone to act as companion to the twins? Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more.


  2. Roxey says:

    My dear, as usual, your writing is excellent. I am assuming that it is as much a compliment for writers as of actors, that the goal is to evoke emotions. Right now, I would love to give Caro some tea made from the Mother In Law plant that would render her unable to speak!!!!! And why, oh why, do they let her go on and on and on and never correct her manners?? OOO she makes me so mad!! As I’ve heard said, put Caro and Lady Cat in a bag…. Aargh!! Does Caro have ANY redeeming value??? Can somebody please give her a set down? pretty Please?


    • Cass says:

      Aww, thank you, Roxey! LOL re Caroline! Not sure we’ll be seeing much more of her, to be honest. She’s just too annoying to spend time on!


  3. Such an intriguing story!! I am soooooo enjoying every chapter!! Thank you, Cassandra! 😀

    Susanne 🙂


  4. Now now Cass letting Darcy fall into the clutches of a society girl what is the meaning of that?! Get him home to Pemberley and that can’t be done fast enough for my taste!! Actually get him back to Derbyshire ASAP! I do wonder what all the talk of Hertfordshire and half sisters will entail next! Can’t wait


  5. Anji says:

    Darcy obviously prefers the company of the husband-hunting Latimers to that of Caroline Bingley. The situation must be dire if that’s the case and I can’t say as I blame him, not one iota! He’s obviously got plans to help Bingley out with his younger sisters and like Sheila, I wonder if he’s got a couple of young ladies in Derbyshire in mind. Ahh, Lady Cat and Mr. Collins still mainly concerned with their own opinions and doings. He’s more concerned about the property than the well-being of his own family. Sounds about right for him.

    Bring on tomorrow!


    • Cass says:

      It’s tomorrow! Thank you so much for reading along and for commenting, Anji! Yes, we’ve had a dose of some not so nice characters in this one. Time to move on!


  6. Carol says:

    Ha! “I find I can bear the guilt well enough!” What a great line!
    What scheme is Darcy cooking up, I wonder?
    Caroline,dear, must you disparage everything and everyone? Horrid woman! Someone needs to cook up a scheme to marry her off to the highest bidder!
    I’m looking forward to reading more tomorrow! Thank you!


    • Cass says:

      LOL re Caroline! I’m not sure I’d wish her on anyone!

      Hmmmm, Darcy and his plans. He seems to have a lot of them lately. Would be really funny if some of them didn’t quite go as he thinks they will!


  7. justjane1813 says:

    Still enjoying this one and grateful you are sharing so much this week!


    • Cass says:

      I wish I could post every day going forward, but I have to leave some days free for some other things in the writing world. Happy to have kicked the story off in this way, though! 😀 Thank you so much for reading along! ❤

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  8. Barbara Jordan says:

    Thank you, Cass for a lovely story. I’ve been saving the emails to bing read this week. BJ


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