40% off! A Quest for Mr Darcy goes on sale!

It’s that time of year again when we all turn our thoughts to gifts for loved ones. However, it’s not too late to treat yourselves either!

A Quest for Mr Darcy is currently on sale at $2.99 (£2.26) – a 40% reduction! It’s a big book, making this great value for money, so what better time to buy? 😉

It’s available until this coming weekend at this price, through the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apples stores at the links below.

Still not sure? It’s receiving amazing reviews (thank you so much to all the readers, bloggers and reviewers out there!), and you can now read try it out by reading the opening to the book here on my Blog, as I have re-posted the first few chapters as a taster. It can be found at this link:

A Quest for Mr Darcy

Here’s a sample of some of the wonderful reviews of the story received so far. I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read the book and share their thoughts. ❤

“I can’t decide what I loved more – the tender and achingly beautiful romance, the tension-building drama and mystery, or the many heartwarming relationships formed throughout! I highly recommend!”

You can read the full review from Meredith Esparza on this link over at Austenesque Reviews!

“Longtime Cassandra Grafton fan here! Her books are automatic download. Seriously, she could title them “Telephone Book” — and I’m sure to buy her work.

As anticipated, this latest did not disappoint. Quite the page turner with Darcy returning from a year abroad after his disastrous, unsuccessful proposal at Hunsford. How Grafton masterfully weaves her story, entangles all the players, and finally leads us to their well-earned happily-ever-after… Well, pure genius. This one is not to be missed.”

Thank you to Christina Boyd, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer, for the fab review above, posted to Amazon.com!

“A masterfully written Pride & Prejudice variation.

Jane Austen’s characters are written with a real skill and love, they are so wonderfully recognisable, you know that all their actions are completely true to their personalities. However, Cassandra Grafton goes further – she creates a whole host of brand new characters and does it beautifully!”

A delightful review from J.B. Grantham on Amazon.co.uk!

“I loved everything about this book. There is absolutely nothing that dissatisfies. After finishing the novel, I felt the warmth and gratification of a book well read. With the wonderful way that Cass Grafton writes, her beautifully flowing Regency ‘speak’, a surprising mystery or two, a story with feeling and depth, and a wonderful ending with a few neat twists, this is a book anyone would fancy. I highly recommend it.”

You can read Janet Taylor’s full review on this link at More Agreeably Engaged!

I had so much fun last year writing and posting A Quest for Mr Darcy, and it’s been so heart-warming to read such lovely responses to the story. Thank you to every person who ever left a comment on a chapter, left a review or emailed me about it. ❤

You can find the book at the reduced price at the following links:

Kindle Store

Nook Store

Kobo Store

Apple Store

Smashwords Store (all formats, plus PDF etc)


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4 Responses to 40% off! A Quest for Mr Darcy goes on sale!

  1. caroleincanada says:

    A very thoughtful offer Cass! As you know, I absolutely love this saga!!! Hope the muse is working well for you and Ada! If I don’t talk with you again before the end of the year, have a wonderful Holiday!


  2. Fran says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the sale. I purchased it.


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