Photo credit: Adrea Scheidler Montacute House, Somerset, September 2019

Welcome to my Blog!

A proud bookworm since childhood, I write the sort of stories I love to read – heart-warming, character driven and strong on location. Having moved around extensively and lived in three countries, I find places inspiring and the setting of my novels often becomes as much a part of the story as my characters.

I lean heavily towards the upbeat in my writing and insist on a happy ever after. As one of my favourite authors, Jane Austen, once wrote, ‘let other pens dwell on guilt and misery’.

I love travelling, words, cats and wine, and enjoy them in any combination. I have two grown-up children and currently split my time between England, where I live with my husband and two cats, and my imagination, where I live with my characters.

2 Responses to About

  1. Daniela says:

    Dear Cassandra,

    The paperback of Desperate Measures is available on Amazon now! I ordered one copy early this morning and cannot wait until I hold that book in my hands. Ever since I finished reading the first two volumes of A Fair Prospect, both of which I enjoyed exceedingly, I have been wondering how Darcy and his beloved Elizabeth finally come together. I just hope that in the end there are a lot of pages in which I can indulge in the surely wonderful relationship of the two. Thank you for giving us this lovely story.

    Regards, Daniela


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