Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Fate is Finalised!!

Well, you have decided!

After 175 votes, the Poll is now closed, and the winner, as you can see below, is:

To wed an heiress such as Lady Clarissa Mallen or someone rich who has escaped from the Continent

Congratulations go to both Ashley and Tess for winning the prize. Do let me know if you prefer a paperback or eBook of Volume III when it is released!

I must admit I was surprised! The comments prior to my setting up the Poll seemed to indicate a preference for the Colonel to be happy with a widow (which only came fourth in the end).

Thank you so much to everyone who either commented or voted. In the meantime, as I plan to be concentrating on formatting in a day or so, I have some writing to do…

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14 Responses to Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Fate is Finalised!!

  1. Ceri says:

    How exciting! I didn’t vote as haven’t read the previous volumes yet. When is volume 3 scheduled to be released?


  2. Ada says:

    Hey! How did I miss the poll? Grumble grumble. (I would have voted with the majority – though the idea of a Charlotte redemption is pretty enticing).


  3. Carol Hoyt says:

    So glad for the colonel to get a wealthy wife. Really hoped for a happy ending for Charlotte !i could imagine her practical nature being overwhelmed by this man .

    Maybe next time !


  4. Ashley says:

    I am so glad that Colonel’s fate is sealed. I am looking forward to Volume 3. I would prefer a paperback for my prize. Please let me know where I should email you my address. Thank you.


    • Hi Ashley. Congratulations! If you could send me your address to cassandra dot grafton at gmail dot com, I will happily send you Vol III as soon as it’s ready! Thank you for joining in the fun!


    • deb says:

      Hi Ashley, Well done! My daughter and I are so glad Cassandra can get vol 3 in to print…..Can’t wait…..We also enjoyed all the banter. Dave’s a hoot.


  5. TessQ says:

    Judging from all the comments you got over the last days, this was such a fun activity for everyone reading your books (it amazes and amuses me how much fun we all have speculating on how to heap abuse on characters we don’t like, LOL) — so glad I was a part of it. I would love to get volume III in ebook (kindle?) — of course, I’ll also buy the paperback for my shelf, as I did with the first two volumes as well.

    Congrats on your first wildly successful poll!


  6. Sara Khazai says:

    I also enjoyed the discussions and the subsequent poll tremendously. Kept us quite entertained while waiting for the elusive volume III! May I suggest, my dear Ms. Grafton, that in future you release your distinguished work only after you’re well and truly finished with it? There is such beautiful continuity to your writing and the reader loses himself in the magical realm you create. Would it be fair for him to only come to a rude awakening each time and hang in the balance for Heaven knows how long?! I hope your next novel will delight your fan with its speedy delivery!


  7. Hi Karen – don’t have exact date other than next week some time! When I have a better idea I’ll post it here!


  8. Carol Hoyt says:

    Congrats ladies!!! I know you will enjoy the book!!!


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