So What’s the Prospect Now?

Well, it’s two weeks today since Desperate Measures was released, and I can’t thank you enough for staying with me to the end and enduring the wait!

Now that this story is over, I intend to turn my attention to one of two stories that I have been playing around with over the last year. I will be sharing more on these and, in particular, the one that I decide to tackle first, in the near future.

However, before I bid farewell completely to the cast of A Fair Prospect I am, over coming weeks, going to post some background to the story, including the inspiration for some of the characters’ names and the locations etc.

If you do have any questions about any aspect of this, or you simply want more detail, please leave a comment. I do have some deleted scenes that never got used (some very short, some not so much!), and I would be happy to share these through the ‘Look Inside’ tab I set up recently if there is any interest in this.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying Father’s Day if you celebrate it in your part of the world today. I am missing mine very much, but I am cherishing the happy memories I have of him.

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Writer of romance with all the feels. Dreamer, bookworm, cat lover. Avid fan of antiques TV shows. #proudHufflepuff
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15 Responses to So What’s the Prospect Now?

  1. Carol says:

    Cassie, I,personally , would love to read your deleted scenes and any other details you wish to share. I have enjoyed these volumes so much. I see a re-read in the near future!

    It’s exciting to hear that one of your favorite story tellers already have another ,better yet 2, already “cookin” in her imagination!

    Enjoy your day with family!


  2. Dave McKee says:

    Actually I arrived late to this posting party but have enjoyed the interactions of the different opinions. Somewhere I noticed a mention of you considering a P&P&P – Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. There are such intriguing possibilities… But what is the other story being considered – it may be even better! Whatever you pick, I do hope you set up website links as done for A Fair Prospect – this was fun to lurk, post, and vote!

    Your posting of deleted scenes, background, and other details would be much appreciated! Also, at one point toward the end, there was mention of a chapter giving you problems. I would like to know your thoughts on that and how you resolved the issue.

    Another question is the length of time it would take to develop the next story – are you considering another six years before publishing?

    You are fortunate to have a readership that is not afraid to post, so you should get an interesting mix of questions and comments.

    Yes, I have fond memories of my father also – they are mixed in with my thoughts of being a father and grandpa. I truly believe your father would be very proud of what you accomplished this year!


    • Thank you, Dave. I too have enjoyed immensely your contributions and I hope they continue!

      The chapter that gave me such problems was the one where Darcy was asking for Mr Bennet’s consent. I liked the idea of him knowing what Darcy was going to ask as a concept, but actually translating that into a credible scene turned out to be really challenging. In the end, Abigail Reynolds gave me a hint on how to move on in a scene that was stalling and it worked – or at least I hope it did from the reader’s perspective!

      Yes, one of the two stories that I have planned is a P&P and P crossover. The other one, which is much more progressed (ie at least half written) is completely different to A Fair Prospect although it is still a P&P inspired story. Part of me is excited by it and part of me is worried about whether readers will enjoy it or not.

      I am giving up work in July so it will definitely not be six years in the writing. I have every intention of releasing a book next year, provided life doesn’t throw me too many unexpected curve balls!


  3. Hazel Mills says:

    I must admit to holding out until all three books were published on Kindle and the wait was worth it. I have just read them in succession and I think my husband has found me completely unsociable over the last three days. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with me being totally fooled along with Darcy with the intentions of Nicholas. Your descriptions of Bath allowed me to imagine the characters in situ so well. Please publish something else soon. Pride and Prejudice with Persuasion sounds delicious.


  4. Ev says:

    I, too, would love to read your deleted scenes, background material, etc, and thank you so much for all your sharing with us for “A Fair Prospect”.


  5. Now I am sad. I just finished Desparate Measures. Got it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday,. had lots of yard work in between chapters. But as any reader of a good writer I am ready for more. No pressure! Again, thank you for this story, I loved it and will read it again. I missed my “Daddy” yesterday also but can still see his face and his smile after 35 years. Hope you had a good family day. But if you did some writing that is okay.


    • Hi Maggie. Glad you managed to enjoy the day despite your loss. Like you, I am grateful for the memories!

      I have been taking a little break from actually writing (the editing was not fun and went on far too long!) but will be back at the desk very soon!


  6. Cristina Fatmi says:

    Hi Cassandra
    I will be happy to read any deleted scenes. Besides, I would like to know whether the name of Darcy’s valet, Thornton, might have been inspired by the character of John Thornton in North and South.


    • Ooooh, well spotted, Cristina! There is indeed a back story to Thornton and a N&S connection. In fact, I had a small section in a scene near the end of the story which brought this connection out, but even though I loved it, it didn’t work because it interrupted the flow of the story at that point. I intended to post that scene (if I can track it down!) and explain how Thornton got his name etc so I will see if I can get that sorted for the next post.


  7. Helen says:

    Yes, please! Every deleted scene (you know their dance I’m so interested in reading 😉 ) and every comment will be wonderful.
    I should get 3rd book next week. I have already read previous volumes, just couldn’t resist reading.

    I’m curious about name Serena. Your inspiration of choosing her name?

    Congratulations for publishing your first book! Really excited about your next writing.


  8. Helen, I am busy digging out deleted scenes already! Yes, I will do a post shortly about the inspiration behind some of the names in the story. Hope you enjoyed the third book when you get it! C


  9. deb says:

    Hello Cassandra
    Thank you for a lovely book. I have only just finished reading it after daughter bagged it first. Had two late nights reading and have to say was quite happy to be cream crackered. Well worth the dark circles and extra wrinkles under my eyes. We really enjoyed DM and are looking forward to more from you in the future. Loved the epilogue especially poor Collins. I did have tears in my eyes laughing at his fate.
    All the very best to you now your writing full time.


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