Fun and Frollicks in the Fall

Yes, I know; it’s autumn over here, not the fall, but I feel entitled to ‘borrow’ the word as we did live in New England (where the fall really is spectacular) for five years!


As mentioned last week, there is a new story being written by six of the Austen Authors with chapters being posted every Wednesday and a Poll at the end of each one so that readers can choose what happens next!

This week it was my turn to write Chapter 2, which you can find here. The readers’ Poll choice gave me quite a challenge as it was the one I was least prepared for, but hopefully it worked out okay in the end! Do come along and join in the fun and make a choice from the options at the end for Abigail Reynolds, whose turn it is next!

You can also follow Theo on Twitter @Theo_Darcy or read his correspondence on his own Blog!

As for frollicks, I am off on a brief Austen-related trip next week down to Hampshire. Chawton Cottage, which is now the Jane Austen House Museum, is currently hosting a display of costumes from the 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. I have seen some of them already at other venues, but I am really looking forward to seeing some more and also to revisiting Jane Austen’s home. There is something so special about it, her presence is almost tangible. so strongly does the cottage, its contents and garden ‘speak’ of her.

I am staying in a guest house in the village that now offers B&B; however, the house used to be the home of the gardener who worked at Chawton House, which was frequently visited by Jane whenever her brother, Edward, was in residence (the great house, that is, not the gardener’s cottage!)

I am looking forward to kicking my way through the autumn leaves and soaking up some Austen atmosphere. Hopefully, it will help inspire me to make some more progress with my current projects!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, and I’ll report back with more photos when I’ve been to see the costumes!

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4 Responses to Fun and Frollicks in the Fall

  1. Janet T says:

    This sounds like it should be a very inspiring visit! I know you will have a fabulous time. Can’t wait to see your pictures.


  2. Have a marvelous time! It really is a fantastic place so calm and beautiful, and it must be even more stunning in the autumn. Hope it gives you a couple of very happy days and tons of inspiration 🙂


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