Friday Fun: a Sale and a Poll!

Not a new chapter of A Quest for Mr Darcy, I’m afraid, but just some book sale news, and a Poll about Jane, Bungley (as he is now known) and Wentworth!

There’s a Black Friday eBook sale on (a week long one!) over at Austen Variations, where you can pick up books by several authors and also some I’ve been involved in, including:

FairProspectBoxedEbookA Fair Prospect – this is a boxed set containing all 3 volumes and it’s currently on sale at half price for $2.99 ( seems to be struggling with the price I’ve set and is showing $3.18 for some reason, so I apologise for the extra 0.19c!) To be honest, if you’re following this Blog, you’ve probably already got it, but I thought I’d flag it up anyway!


The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen – new this year! This is a contemporary mystery/romance set in the beautiful city of Bath. You can now get this for $1.99! To find out more about the book, hop on over to the Blog I share with my co-writing friend, Ada, called Tabby Cow. (That’s the Blog, not Ada!)

The Darcy Brothers – this is a co-write between myself and Abigail Reynolds, Maria Grace, Monica Fairview and Susan Mason-Milks, on sale at just $0.99! Two Mr Darcys in one book? What’s not to like?!

Pride & Prejudice: Behind the Scenes – this is a massive book and therefore it’s great value at $0.99. It contains scenes from many authors which take you ‘behind the scenes’ of Pride & Prejudice! Lots of angst, fun and romance!


So that’s the sale news. Here’s the Poll!

There has been quite a bit of speculation in the Comments of A Quest for Mr Darcy so far about Jane Bennet and where does, or should, her heart lie! I have a plan for this, you’ll be pleased to know, but it’s not set in stone, so I thought the sensible thing was to ask the most important people (that’s you, the readers!), what their preference would be and why!

Please join in the fun and let me know in the Comments (if you wish to share) why you chose what you did!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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21 Responses to Friday Fun: a Sale and a Poll!

  1. says:

    Will look into these later, but don’t know if you or your blog readers know of any Jane Austen books with a twist with a Christmas theme.  I’ve looked on Amazon, the only one I can find is Elizabeth’s first Christmas at Pemberley. Was just wondering if there are any more.  Unless of course this gives you an idea after your excellent ‘Quest of Mr Darcy’?! Best wishes Ruth Janes


    • Cass says:

      I’ve got Mr Darcy’s Christmas Calendar by Jane Odiwe, which is a time-slip novella. A fun read and one to do like an advent calendar, one chapter per day in the run up to Christmas!

      If you put ‘Darcy’ and ‘Christmas’ into the search bar of Amazon, there’s a huge number of titles that come up! No idea what they are about though, as I haven’t read any of them.

      LOL re the next idea, Ruth! Thanks!


    • justjane1813 says:

      Good afternoon.

      My blog, Just Jane 1813, will host the 2nd Annual “Twelve Days of Jane,” holiday blog event. I’ll have reviews and giveaways of holiday JAFF. You can check out last year’s event for some ideas too. Enjoy!


  2. Anji says:

    I voted Wentworth because: can you go wrong with a Wentworth? And I’ve always thought Bungley should have had more of a backbone!


  3. JanisB says:

    Thank you for the sale goodies, Cass. Looking forward to the outcome of Darcy’s quest!


  4. anadarcy says:

    Free rein. However, it is true that she should end up with Bingley, however I love different twists!!!


  5. Kathy Berlin says:

    I have never been a Bingley fan. Too spineless for my tastes.


    • Cass says:

      I think quite a few people feel like that, Kathy! I do think he was too easily persuaded away from Jane, but then again, I suppose he had so much faith in Darcy’s advice and opinions…

      If it wins the Poll, then he will have to redeem himself somehow!


  6. Carole in Canada says:

    You have made this difficult for me! I do love Bingley and Jane together, however I have also enjoyed stories where she winds up with someone else! I am so torn in this story. Yes, he was spineless, but he needed to grow as well. Maybe, I am not seeing enough of Wentworth’s interactions with Jane to make a fully informed decision. Then again, I am wavering like Bingley! Argh!!!!

    I have made a decision! I will leave it in your more than capable hands! The way I see it, your “Fair Prospects” is one of my all time favourites! I do already have “The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen” and “The Darcy Brothers” on my Kindle to read sometime in the near future…I hope!


    • Cass says:

      To be fair, we’ve seen very little of either Wentworth or Bungley in this story (deliberately so as they are not the main event), so perhaps it will become more palatable, one way or the other, as things move along! 🙂

      You so SO kind to say that re A Fair Prospect. I know it was incredibly slow-paced and character rather than plot driven and a good editor would have halved it, but I do ❤ that there are readers out there who love it anyway!

      I hope you'll give Particular Charm a try! It's not traditional JAFF, but if you think you might enjoy a light-hearted journey through Bath with Jane Austen along for the ride and some subtle romance for the other leads, then it's an easy read!


  7. Cristina says:

    I chose that Jane should end up with Bungley, but he needs to fight for Jane and really prove that he is really worthy of her. I often think of Charlotte’ s comment to Elizabeth, that Jane should let Bungley know how she felt. I agree with Charlotte, to make it clear to him in a way that was acceptable in their time. As to Wentworth, as another reader has said, I don’t know enough of him to like him a lot. Being a brother of Capt. Wentworth is a good place to start is a very good recommendation, however.


    • Cass says:

      Definitely! Bungley must do something to redeem himself, just as Darcy had/has to. It looks like the Poll will leave me doing what I had already planned, but I hope I can make it work out in a way that people are happy!


  8. Trez Baer says:

    I think a whole year of being absent from Netherfield and not keeping his word of coming back from town is plenty of time to get over Bingley. After all, it must have been a huge disappointment that he didn’t come back after he said he would, and then relief with everything that happened with Lydia, not to mention her mama’s hysterics.
    I think a good stout faithfully strong Wentworth is in order is in order of the day, m, story 😉
    Though, to be sure, I will l love whatever you write.
    Love, love, love Fair Prospects! Thanks for the heads up on a couple of the ones I do not have.


    • Cass says:

      This is the thing, isn’t it? If Jane had remained at Longbourn as in the book and was taunted daily by the closed up, empty Netherfield, she might dwell longer on his loss and absence.

      They knew each other for 2 months in total, and by the end of the following summer, Jane’s life was in disarray. She would have had to step more firmly into the mothering role after the loss of her mother, never mind the distress of their circumstances and then the upheaval of the move. I doubt she gave Bungley much of a thought for a long time.

      It’s now almost two years since they first met. No one forgets their first love entirely, but if you’re already growing fond of someone else… well, I am waiting for the Poll to end, but it looks like I will be following my original plan… 😉

      I’m so happy you remember A Fair Prospect with love! ❤ I hope people will grow to like this story in the same way (though I'm afraid you're all getting the rough first draft now with these chapters!)


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