A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Nineteen

This chapter has now been removed.

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27 Responses to A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Nineteen

  1. Oh oh god save the prince regent 😲 love triangle forming I believe!! Jane, Wentworth and Bingley! This is getting more and more dramatic! I do wonder what will happen next! Jane is serene in the face of both suitors – new and old. Who will she choose? Will it be Bingley or has he broken her trust too deeply? Or Wentworth who has known her only for months but clearly admires her and knows of her caring personality? Cass do hurry up with the next chapter! This is too cruel for words!

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  2. Carol says:

    What a delicious cliffy! Bingley bursting in on the scene and Wentworth at the door! It’s too fabulous!
    I like the idea of Jane moving on and Bingley being perceived as weak-willed, as he should be. The visit also helped to clear the air for E&D and now I’m sure he will be unable to erase her from his mind.
    Thanks for another wonderful chapter. *sigh*

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  3. Sheila L. Majczan says:

    I will not be at all surprised if Jane does accept Mr. Wentworth’s attentions. I am sure that Jane and Elizabeth have discussed Mr. Bingley’s part in the separation. He is an adult and has monies of his own plus had an estate in Derbyshire. So his neglect to visit his home and see for himself whether her interest was tepid or real is on his shoulders. Good chapter.

    I like that Darcy and Elizabeth are having a sensible conversation.

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    • Cass says:

      I like it too, Sheila! One has to put them through certain paces, but it’s nice when they are doing well! Of course, I can’t say it will all be smooth sailing, but… πŸ˜‰


  4. darcy400 says:

    Wow, what lovely twists and turns this story is taking, I am all a flutter for Friday’s chapter πŸ™‚
    Julie R


  5. Jessica says:



  6. Cristina says:

    Very interesting dialogue between Lizzy and Mr Darcy. Let’s see who can win Jane’s heart, who is more deserving. Really looking forward to Friday ‘s chapter.


  7. It was delightful to see ODC talking like that. I so wish things could move faster for them but I know they probably won’t! lol. And there is the deal with Miss Latimer’s imminent arrival. Oh, I wish she would never come! I knew Elizabeth would like the twins and vice versa. I am curious to know how this new “love” triangle will unfold. I am not a very fan of the Jane and Bingley pairing (I agree with Elizabeth, he was inconsistent and at fault there) but I don’t mind them together either. But if Jane’s heart is not engaged and if Wentworth is more worthy of her…we’ll see.

    Looking forward to Friday!


    • Cass says:

      I wish things could move faster too, Daniela, but it wouldn’t be realistic, would it? Perhaps they need Alice’s help! πŸ˜‰


  8. Carole in Canada says:

    Oh Bingley, you are going to have your work cut out for you! I am still not sure about Wentworth, even if he is with the church! I don’t know why though. One can only imagine what you have in store for the twins and their mischief! As for Darcy and Elizabeth, at least they are talking and looking at each other!


  9. justjane1813 says:

    I enjoyed this chapter and the growing awareness between Darcy and Elizabeth that something more may still be between them.


  10. Anji says:

    Ooo, another cliffhanger! At least, because I was late reading this, I won’t have to wait too long to find out what happens. Jane, Bungley and Wentworth all in the same room! How exciting! The interaction between all of the young ladies was a joy to read, as was D&E’s. Now he knows she was wandering his halls last summer and he’ll be wondering what she thinks of Pemberley and possibly what Mrs. Reynolds said about him, once he remembers that she thinks she’s seen Elizabeth before.


  11. Loved this chapter, but I feel quite sorry for poor Bungley!

    Thank you so much for writing this tale; I am so enjoying every chapter!!

    Susanne πŸ™‚


  12. Mel says:

    Being too busy to read is also good; this means I have 4 chapters to read this weekend instead of just one!

    I really like that Lizzy and Darcy are having proper conversations now; instead of him being too nervous to speak and her being too judgmental, silently. πŸ™‚

    Bingley has a lot of making up to do, I agree, but poor man! To make that kind of entrance! Hahaha.


    • Cass says:

      Mel! How lovely to see you again! You have been missed! ❀

      It was quite the entrance, wasn't it? I felt it was only fair in the circumstances! πŸ˜‰


  13. This is absolutely fabulous and so well written. I’m going to lose another day simply reading!


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