A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Twenty

This chapter has now been removed.

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31 Responses to A Quest for Mr Darcy – Chapter Twenty

  1. Oh no Cass!! The matchmaking of those twins are bound to end in catastrophy! Darcy and Jane?! Oh no no, normally I’m inclined to favour Bingley but at present I’m not sure if I actually like Wentworth better than Bingley even if he doesn’t have a fortune to his name! And Darcy and Elizabeth is just a match made in heaven well… once they realise their feelings! Bingley and Elizabeth… good heavens no! They are too much alike in their outgoing happiness and their outpouring of good cheer?
    And the mystery man in regimentals, it can only be one man; Wickham! Damn him, damn that man!!! Why can’t he stay away or stay dead which would be even better?!!


    • Cass says:

      Don’t worry about the twins – they may cause some mayhem, but I doubt very much they will be any more trouble than Emma Woodhouse in the end when it comes to matchmaking! πŸ˜‰

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  2. justjane1813 says:

    Ah, the return of a certain scoundrel… I wonder what he’s up to?!


  3. OMG! The twins will not be that much of a help to ODC after all! LOL. Looking forward to next chapter. πŸ˜‰


  4. Carol says:

    I have to admit, the twins have an excellent notion for acquiring two amiable sisters and thwarting Caroline’s hopes to secure Darcy! The darling little minxes! Things are not nearly complicated enough for Darcy at the moment and he is in need of a little shake-up, don’t you think? I can hardly wait to see what splendid chaos Bingley will encounter when he returns from Yorkshire! πŸ™‚
    Your twist and turns are delightful! Thank you for a great chapter!


  5. Jan Steele says:

    Oh yes, stir that relationship pot until it is a muddy melange! I can’t wait to see what the twins have in mind to do. I had to go back and read the earlier chapters to rediscover the fact that the twins are supposed to be in their school by the time Miss Latimer arrives. Too bad. I would like to see her added to the twins’ matrimonial mulligan stew. Bingley will have to perform the labors of Hercules (at least in my mind) to become worthy of Miss Jane Bennet and I’m more than ready to see him begin! (Should I insert another bwahaha?)


  6. Carole in Canada says:

    Oh Cass, I wasn’t expecting their ‘help’ in this way! They ‘missed’ the quiet conversation Darcy and Elizabeth had? All they saw was Miss Bennet’s beauty and calm disposition and thought she would be perfect for the reserved Mr. Darcy. They still have some ‘learning’ to do! Yes, Darcy could do with more chaos and mayhem in his life…he might just inadvertently say something that will reveal his true feelings!

    As for ‘the snake in the grass’ leaving flowers, I at first thought it might be Denny or one of the others but immediately realized that Wickham is hoping to strike again and just leaving a clue not to rest on their laurels!


  7. Cristina says:

    I am enjoying the twins plotting. How very clever and ambitious of them! Marry their brother to Elizabeth and acquire two lovely sisters. But Bungley and Lizzy would never do, in my opinion, because Lizzy needs To “be able to respect her partner in life” and she thinks Bungley is too fickle.
    and I think Darcy is controlling himself too well. I’d like to see him do something reckless.
    Loving it. It really is too bad that I cannot read on anymore today. πŸ˜‚


  8. Cristina says:

    It is killing me! Please someone enlighten me as to what ODC stands for!
    Thank you


  9. Sheila L. Majczan says:

    Dear Cass, some readers are forgetting that Lizzy had the feeling of someone watching her…in previous chapters. So I do believe that some one may already be Wickham come to Pemberley…not knowing himself that the Bennets were there. But he has to know that they HATE him and blame him for Lydia’s and subsequently, Mrs. Bennet’s death. So does he witness Darcy’s attentions to Lizzy and try to kidnap her or in some way threaten her in order to get ransom or blackmail monies from Darcy?

    And as to the twins….we need a little comedy as the tension is so thick….what’s that about cutting it with a knife? Their efforts to match what we consider the wrong people may stir more hasty actions by men who seem to need that push. They are not at Pemberley for long so anything they attempt must be soon.

    There are so many directions this could go. Caroline has not been ruled out as appearing after the twins are taken to school And we have not really gotten to know Wentworth. He may be a very good match for Jane and he is settled close to her father….but then so would Elizabeth be IF she marries Darcy.


    • Cass says:

      Yes, there is a leaning towards certain people doing certain things… we shall see…

      I’m glad the twins’ lightness is helping balance the growing tension, Sheila. I need them for that just as much as the readers do! πŸ˜€


  10. Trez Baer says:

    Oh those twins!
    Sounds like everyone is in for a long haul with those two.
    For the record I’m on team Wentworth… but you already know that!
    Hmm, a man in regimental? I thought Darcy would make his way over since he overheard Elizabeth discussing the issue with her dad. Mayhap he had his cousin or some other officer go???
    Great chappy, Cass!
    Looking forward to the next.


  11. Anji says:

    So many questions, just like everyone else, Cass. Who is the man in uniform? Is it the obvious suspect or could it be someone else? Does the timing fit for Wickham to have been in Meryton and also lurking in the bushes in Derbyshire? Was it even the mysterious military man who placed the flowers in the churchyard and how long ago did it happen? Is either man (or possibly the same man in two places) even Wickham to start with? I can see you rubbing your hands and definitely coming out with a few “mwahahas”, cos you’re the only person who knows and you’re tantalising us with it all!!!

    Will the twins meet the Latimers, or will they have come up to my part of the world by then? I can’t remember what the time frame is for that part of the story. I think they’d get short shrift from Elizabeth if they try to pair her up with Bungley, given the opinion she stated earlier on. Btw, I’m on my PC right now and the spellcheck doesn’t like Bungley, it keeps trying to replace it with Bingley. Ha! What do machines know? Jane and Darcy would never, ever, in a million years, work as a couple. Both need a livelier other half to bring them out of their shells. What will Darcy’s reaction be to the twins meddling in his private life? More questions, you see?


    • Cass says:

      LOL, Anji! Loving all the speculative questions! I do enjoy trying not to be obvious! πŸ˜‰

      If we all keep at it long enough, I’m sure Spellcheck will realise Bungley really IS a word! πŸ˜€


  12. Oh, my!! The twins reversing the couples is hilarious! And who knows how far they will go in their enthusiasm. Plus Mr. wentworth will have to watch the whole thing unfold. And Darcy and Bingley may juts become jealous of one another, for as much as Jane seems more inclined toward the man of God, Bungley just isn’t over her yet.

    This will be decidedly intriguing!! What a twist!!

    I am looking forward to Tuesday with the greatest anticipation! πŸ˜€

    And thank you for writing!!

    Susanne πŸ™‚


    • Cass says:

      Thank you for continuing to read along, Susanne! It’s hearing from those of you reading which is keeping me committed to the story and the regular posting!


  13. Mel says:

    Oh! Who is the man in uniform? If it is Wickham… then I pray he is repentant (unlikely, I know) and not the mysterious (being) in hiding watching Lizzy.

    These twins are hilarious! Completely innocent yet ready to do some mischievous match-making at their young age! Let the mayhem begin… methinks (or mehopes) they’ll derail the purpose of Miss Latimer’s visit, big time.


    • Cass says:

      I’m glad you like the twins! They are a lot of fun to write, but you’re quite right, they could cause all sorts of havoc for several characters!


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