Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Three

Chapter Three

This chapter has now been removed. You can read the full story from 9th March in eBook or paperback.

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22 Responses to Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Three

  1. Glynis says:

    Yes! That invitation! I wonder how Darcy will cope with his feelings when he is again in Elizabeth’s company?
    It will definitely be beneficial to Elizabeth to be apart from her family for now and hopefully she won’t spend all her time worrying about them.
    Anne will have the benefit of a proper friend who isn’t totally selfish as her sisters are!


    • Cass says:

      I suppose Darcy is about where he was when he bumped into Elizabeth at Rosings. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a bit more annoyed with him than in the original over Jane! 😉


  2. Cristina says:

    Can’t wait for next chapter! Cristina

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  3. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Oh good. So Lizzy is invited. Too bad Jane can’t come so she can escape Collins. It will be fun to see what happens when Lucy runs into Darcy down the road after returning with Anne. I wonder if an will confide in those see about what happened with Captain Wentworth. Looking forward to more.

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  4. Mari says:

    Good Morning. Thanks so much for the new chapter.

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  5. I’ve also imagined the colonel as an expert interrogator. He just has to catch Darcy!
    Poor Anne is so despondent over her loss. I’m glad she invited Elizabeth to Kellynch. Things are about to get interesting! Thanks for another great chapter.

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  6. Bonnie K. says:

    Save Jane! Anne and Elizabeth are good for each other. Glad they’re spending some time with each other.

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  7. Ruth Janes says:

    I’m really enjoying this read Cas., I can see there are going to be lots of twists and turns along the way! Looking forward to the next chapters.

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  8. sheilalmajczan says:

    Excellent chapter: Anne and Elizabeth do have some things in common and might give good advice as the friendship deepens. So Elizabeth will meet Darcy at Kellynch. I’m trying to imagine what influence a different circle of acquaintances there might have on Elizabeth and even on Anne as E. makes observations. Thanks for this chapter – off to read Chapter 4.

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  9. M. Jimenez says:

    Oh, I cannot wait for them to meet!!!

    Dear Colonel, please do not be discouraged. Darcy is fighting a losing battle. Victory shall be yours soon enough, I think!

    Hoping Georgiana is just overly fatigued, and that that is all.

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  10. Tara says:

    Love the little nods to the original works. I keep reminding myself that Anne is a few years younger than when JA introduces her. I am so eager to get them to Kellynch. The possibilities are endless.

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