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A Change of Clothing!

So here we are, with the smells and colours of a new season in the air. It’s time for the wardrobe to switch from summer to autumn, and in line with that, I’m excited to share with you a change of … Continue reading

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Three Shades of Pemberley!

I recently spent a busy five days in the northeast of England, ending my trip with a day in Derbyshire before flying home. My mission? To visit three different ‘Pemberleys’ in one day! With the lack of time available, these … Continue reading

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Tumbleweed Trounced!!

Following my recent confession over my inability to post anything here according to schedule, I am pleased to say the recent purchase of some weed-killer seems to be keeping the tumbleweed at bay somewhat! On Friday (yes, the third consecutive week … Continue reading

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A Diary, a Darcy and a Declaration!

Punctuality is in my blood; in fact, I am invariably early for everything – often ridiculously so. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of little consequence, such as what train I choose to catch for a day out on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Author Joana Starnes!

Today (a week late but you should be used to that by now from me!), I welcome fellow Austen-inspired author, Joana Starnes, to my Blog. It’s a triple whammy, as not only has Joana written about her love of all … Continue reading

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Desperate Measures – Publishing News Update

Well, it’s done. I have just literally hit the ‘publish’ button for the eBook version on Kindle and Smashwords.com for Volume III of A Fair Prospect: Desperate Measures. It will take up to 12 hours for it to show up … Continue reading

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Desperate Measures and Daunting Decisions

I am finding it a little difficult to let go of Mr Darcy. He was my first love, you see, at the tender age of 15. This was the Mr Darcy of the written word, the original character created in … Continue reading

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Darcy’s Dilemma – Early Release Date!

I have two very good friends (well, to be fair, I probably have several very good friends, but at this moment in time, I have two particular ones in mind – you will know who you are!) who have an … Continue reading

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What April Brings…

It’s a new month, and this weekend I ordered the proof copy of Darcy’s Dilemma (Volume II of A Fair Prospect) for it’s final check-over. I am looking forward so much to seeing the cover – the first one was … Continue reading

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Thank You!

To those who have already downloaded or bought A Fair Prospect Volume I!  You have made my heart smile this week with your support. I do hope you enjoy the book – I realise it is very much a scene-setter … Continue reading

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