Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

This chapter has now been removed. You can read the full story from 9th March in eBook or paperback.

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15 Responses to Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Nine

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Somehow my phone led me to chapter ten before nine. I have to laugh at how different the Elliot sisters are the eldest making me chuckle at everything she says. I’m glad Elizabeth gets a different view of Georgiana than what GW told her.

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    • Cass says:

      If you came via Facebook, the link takes you to the blog main page, so Ch 10 would show up at the top! 😉 Elizabeth Elliot is a nightmare! lol


  2. I like how you’ve added Anne’s continued pining for Frederick. I hope we will see him arrive. Elizabeth’s delight in the absurd shines through in this scene. I hope she will realize that Wickham told a big fib about Georgie.

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  3. Bonnie K. says:

    I have not read Persuasion; so, my question will be uninformed. Does Anne see Frederick later? Her misery is sad as well as having an unkind sister.

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  4. darcybennett says:

    Look forward to Elizabeth meeting Georgiana.

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  5. I did notice Darcy got out of telling Georgiana about Elizabeth Bennet. Thanks for this chapter.

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  6. M. Jimenez says:

    Don’t all these new posts make for a lovely week for me, please keep them coming! I find myself saving new chapters until I have a proper time (me-time) to read them at leisure.

    Elizabeth is curious about Georgiana, and vice-versa, but for different reasons. Georgiana to find out more about Lizzy; and Lizzy looking to validate Wickham’s claims (while he remains the admirable officer for now). I hope they get to spend time with each other in the next chapter, with or without Darcy nearby.

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    • Cass says:

      Yes, Elizabeth still holds Wickham in high regard at the moment. A bit like her dislike of Darcy, it will take some shaking to get rid of it!


  7. Tara says:

    Love how Anne and Col. F can see what Lizzy and Darcy cannot/will not. Methinks some fine eyes are about to be opened a bit, once she meets Georgie. Love the last line. 😉

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