Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

This chapter has now been removed. You can read the full story from 9th March in eBook or paperback.

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40 Responses to Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Nineteen

  1. Sir Walter is the lowest creature imaginable! Well, maybe he shares that honour with his eldest daughter, but UGH! How despicable!
    Thank you for sharing your fantastic story! Best wishes for the holidays to you both!

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  2. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    What!!! You left us there!!!! BLACKMAIL! I SHALL be waiting. Have mercy on your devoted readers.

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  3. Cristina says:

    What a cliffhanger!, dear authors. I am loving it. I will entertain myself till January by thinking of possible outcomes…
    Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s to a better new year for everyone!

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  4. Mari says:

    Thank you so much for the new chapter. Enjoying your story. Thanks so much for writing this story so we can enjoy it. Enjoy Your Christmas, Stay Safe, eat all you want to. See you after the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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  5. Sam H. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! Enjoy your break! Just know your fans are waiting anxiously for the COMPLETE book – No Pressure!!! lol

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  6. Glynis says:

    Merry Christmas? You wish us a Merry Christmas? With that cliffhanger? How could you?
    Please, please, please (and a million more pleases) don’t let Darcy agree! There must be some other answer? Hopefully Anne and Elizabeth can locate the letter and then they can deny it ever existed!
    If Georgiana wished to keep it as a reminder it’s a shame she didn’t have it locked up somewhere! Miss Elliot is a despicable excuse for a female and actually deserves to be punished along with her father so I’m praying for that outcome.
    It’s bad enough that I’m not a lover of angst but to leave it there is pure torture!

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    • Cass says:

      I’m sorry! I should have stopped with yesterday’s chapter.

      You know we will resolve it. We only do happy endings.

      Georgiana is a bit naive, to say the least, in this story, so I’m afraid she didn’t engage her brain!

      I still wish you a happy Christmas!


  7. Tara says:

    Oh I cannot wait until Sir Walter and Elizabeth Elliot get what’s coming to them. How two people could leave such misery in their wake…grrrrrr Poor Georgiana. She will never live this down. Someone has to retrieve that letter and thwart Sir Asshat and his wretched daughter. You and Ada are going to take us on a wild ride in the new year…evil authoresses that you are. 😂 Now I have another reason to count the days until January! Thanks for the delightful escape you have shared so far. All the best wishes of the season and for health and happiness for you and yours! 🥰💕🎅🏻🎄🌟🥂🍾

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  8. Toni NB says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a chapter so fast. That horrible Sir Walter and Elizabeth Eliot are not to be borne! I hope they get their just deserts in the end, and I hope Darcy and Elizabeth B deliver it to them. I hope Captain Wentworth can give poor Anne a sign that he hears her. Goodness, so many days until the next the chapter. I guess I’ll watch Persuasion and P&P in the meantime. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  9. sheilalmajczan says:

    Dastardly cliffhanger! Now I wonder how Elizabeth will react to this? Will she be glad he no longer will haunt her thoughts or begin to know that his character is so much more worthy than she thought…especially if Georgiana decides to relate to Elizabeth why he is now engaged.

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Stay safe. Happy Holidays. I look forward to more of this story in January.

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  10. Kim P. says:

    I loved this chapter. I love that Elizabeth is starting to figure out what Darcy was trying to tell her before they argued. What a new low for Sir Walter… somehow I’m not surprised.

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  11. Jan S. says:

    Say what???????? Well, I’m not going to despair, honestly I’m not — well, maybe just a little. Sir Walter and Elizabeth E. are so vain they will probably never realize how pathetic it is that she has only managed to become betrothed by blackmailing her future husband. Here’s hoping the clever Miss Bennet and the determined Anne Elliot will be able to locate the letter and put an end to this travesty.

    Enjoy your holiday break and don’t worry at all about the forlorn readers trying to imagine a fitting end for the Despicable Ones. Thoughts of mud, manure and malevolence will mingle nicely with mistletoe, merrymaking and mirth. 🙂

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    • Cass says:

      Don’t despair, Jan!

      LOVING the ‘mud, manure and malevolence will mingle nicely with mistletoe, merrymaking and mirth’!! 🤣


  12. darcybennett says:

    I have never disliked Sir Walter and Elizabeth Elliot more.

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  13. Ohhh Frederick is alive 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎄🎄 what a Christmas present!
    Now will he survive?! Oh it would be bad for Anne if he doesn’t!
    I knew the Elliott family was bad and arrogant and entirely selfish but this … this was below all accepted practices! 😡😡🤯 can I just say that Darcy ought tell them where to go, and stick their scandal! Cass for Christ sake, how can you leave us here!!!!??? And for two whole weeks!!! Yikes omg 😱 this was downright evil of you to leave the chapter there! Brilliant obviously but still evil 😉😅
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎄🎉

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    • Cass says:

      Yes, sorry for the evil cliffie! 🤫

      If only Darcy could tell them that, but he won’t have Georgiana and her name dragged through the mud, so he will have to think of something else!


  14. lsantoroau says:

    🤬 Elliotts!
    Loving this story.
    Counting the days until your next posting!
    Happy holidays!

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  15. What a place to end – with blackmail and a cliff hanger! Poor Georgie! Can’t wait for the rest. Have a wonderful holiday!

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  16. No, no, NO!! Sir Walter cannot blackmail Darcy!! I never thought much of the pompous, vain man to begin with, but this just takes the cake. That said, I believe him fully capable of it. Arrrrgh!!! January and the next chapter cannot come soon enough!!!

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  17. Donna Krug says:

    Yikes, what a cliffhanger. What scumbags
    Sir Walter and Elizabeth Eliot are! Thank you for sharing. Jan. Is a long wait. Merry Christmas and many blessings. Hoping that 2021 will not be as crazy as 2020.

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  18. Bonnie K. says:

    What a horrid man Sir Walter is. Elizabeth Elliot doesn’t fall far from the tree, either. Merry Christmas and here’s wishing for a better year in 2021.

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