What April Brings…

It’s a new month, and this weekend I ordered the proof copy of Darcy’s Dilemma (Volume II of A Fair Prospect) for it’s final check-over. I am looking forward so much to seeing the cover – the first one was such a lovely surprise, having only seen it on a computer screen.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of readers who have opted to give Volume I a try! I have received some lovely reviews on Amazon, though there is a certain amount of dissatisfaction with the ‘trilogy’ nature of the story, which I did expect. It was not the ideal way to do it, but keeping it all as one book was just impractical. I am keen, however, to get the remaining two volumes out there as soon as I can, and I will update things on this page as soon as I have a clear idea of a release date for Volume II. The plan had been 1st May, but it may be sooner!

In the meantime, I hope everyone is finally seeing some Spring!

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Writer of romance with all the feels. Dreamer, bookworm, cat lover. Avid fan of antiques TV shows. #proudHufflepuff
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7 Responses to What April Brings…

  1. TessQ says:

    Sooner would be wonderful, if it works out! But whenever it is, I look forward to receiving my copy of volume II when it is available –

    Congrats on your (well deserved) success to date with the first volume!!!


  2. Tart says:

    So happy for you. And happy for the readers who have found you. 🙂 But about this possible earlier release…LOL


  3. Ada says:

    I am one of the least patient readers on the planet. But I find that, with writers that I trust anyway, after I thrash about and grind my teeth for a while, the wait between books forces me to go back, revisit parts of the book that I may have rushed through, relish it a bit more. That said… sooner would be much appreciated!


  4. Siobhan O Sullivan says:

    Love your take on this well loved story retold in so many ways …. not all memorable! I happen to love trilogies but I usually prefer stumbling across then when all have been published!! I’m plotting scenarios to unfold and red herrings you’ve thrown in our path …… excellent story into the early hours and I can’t wait for Part 2 and 3


  5. Thank you, ladies! Update re Volume II release coming later this week…


  6. Peggy M. Perrone says:

    I have read I and II and was wondering when I might expect vol III? I enjoyed I and II very much and am anxious for vol III.


  7. Siobhan O Sullivan says:

    I’m playing it smart, have down loaded part 2 but won’t read it until final installment released and then I’ll start all over again as part 1 was that good! It’s killing me though …. any updates on release timeline?


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