A Diary, a Darcy and a Declaration!

Punctuality is in my blood; in fact, I am invariably early for everything – often ridiculously so. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of little consequence, such as what train I choose to catch for a day out on my own or massively important, like an interview or (back in the day) arriving to teach a class on time.

Which makes it all the more galling when, in my attempts to keep this Blog up to date, I fail with astonishing consistency! As anyone who has opted to follow it will know, it is best to take with a pinch of salt (no, make that a mountain) anything I say about when I am going to post something here, because invariably, the date will pass, the Blog will continue to display the previous post as tumble-weed rolls constantly across the screen to the sound of an empty, howling wind…

So, onto a round up of a few things I’ve been involved in since our relocation to Switzerland nearly two months’ ago.

LBD 2005 SC3 painting1AToday, I finally started posting Lizzy Bennet’s Diary over at Austen Variations and you can find Chapter One here! (I say ‘finally’ because I announced my intention of posting this story here on my Works in Progress page many months ago). I hope you will enjoy it – chapters will be posted on a weekly basis and, bearing in mind my confession above, I am delighted to reassure you that its being hosted at Austen Variations will ensure I stick to that promise!

In recent months, I have continued to be involved with The Darcy Brothers’ writing team and am delighted to say the story has now concluded (the final chapters and Epilogue can be found here). We all had so much fun with Theo Darcy and his elder brother (and yes, we also fell more than a little bit in love with Theo!), and we found it hard to let him go, so a sequel will be coming later this year. After all, there’s never enough Darcy to go around, so why not have two? 😉

Last week, I was on author Maria Grace’s Blog, Random Bits of Fascination, answering her interview questions, and you can read this fun experience here.

LBD 1995 SC3 Painting1ANext week, I am due to be on Janet Taylor’s Blog, More Agreeably Engaged. Janet produced the ‘covers/posters’ for the Lizzy Bennet’s Diary project which, as you can see, were inspired by the well-known poster for the Bridget Jones’ Diary film (a modern day take on Pride & Prejudice).

I was also delighted this week to be made an Honorary Janeite by All Things Jane Austen. This is a fabulous, constantly expanding collection of wonderful things relating to Jane, her books, the adaptations and also many historical references including Georgian and Regency buildings, objects, clothes, jewellery – anything from temples to teacups!

As for my new book, it remains a work in progress. I am learning from past mistakes, so I will make no further comment on when it might be ready! All I can promise you is that I am working on it, it is going well and when I do have more news, you will find it here first!

Happy weekend, everyone!



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Writer of romance with all the feels. Dreamer, bookworm, cat lover. Avid fan of antiques TV shows. #proudHufflepuff
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4 Responses to A Diary, a Darcy and a Declaration!

  1. I loved to read your news, especially about the Lizzy Bennet Diaries, which I’m really looking forward to, and the post at Random Bits of Fascination was great to read – upbeat, funny, lovely!
    Good luck with your writing and have fun whatever you do!


  2. Tamara says:

    Well that made me laugh! Great update, I will be sure to check it all out giving you ample time to work on your next post 😉


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