Tumbleweed Trounced!!

Following my recent confession over my inability to post anything here according to schedule, I am pleased to say the recent purchase of some weed-killer seems to be keeping the tumbleweed at bay somewhat!

LBD 2005 SC3 painting1AOn Friday (yes, the third consecutive week of posting!), the third chapter of Lizzy Bennet’s Diary went up at Austen Variations (you can read it here, where you will also find links to Chapters One and Two if you missed them), and the fourth (of ten) is due this Friday. So far, so good! (This paragraph is overloaded with brackets! I wonder if there is a weed-killer for that too?!)

LBD 1995 SC3 Painting1AAlthough a physical guest of an old college friend in Geneva this weekend, I was also a virtual guest over on Janet Taylor’s Blog, More Agreeably Engaged, yesterday, where she and I talked about how the Diary came about and how the two different covers created by Janet evolved. Do  follow the Blog link above and indulge in a read over your Monday cuppa if you get chance!

In other news, I have also made good progress with my new book (thanks to the nagging err I mean help of my friend, Ada) and plan to push it further along this week too. I still don’t have a title – working or otherwise – for this story, so expect a rash of Polls in the months to come whilst I try to come to a decision!

The gloves are now off, so to speak, and I intend to keep a careful eye on that tumbleweed to ensure it doesn’t make a reappearance! All I can continue to say is: watch this space!

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13 Responses to Tumbleweed Trounced!!

  1. Deborah says:

    I I am looking forward to your new book. I very much enjoyed you are three book seriis “A Fair Prospect”.


  2. Anji says:

    I’m very much in agreement with Deborah! I’ve just finished all three volumes of A Fair Prospect and will get around to reviewing them one day. From what I’ve read, you lovely authors do appreciate reviews from readers and I have decided to try to review everything I read or listen to (I’m a big fan of audiobooks whilst commuting by car). Problem is, though, I think I need some of your weedkiller, Cassandra! I’ve read/listened to a lot of books this year but the review list just gets longer and longer.

    Anyway, A Fair Prospect was a wonderful read, thank you, and Lizzy Bennet’s Diary is a lot of fun, too. Looking forward to the next book.


  3. Anji says:

    Well said, Deborah!

    Just finished A Fair Prospect – what a great read! Heartily recommended to anyone who sees this post. I’m also really enjoying Lizzy Bennet’s Diary over on Austen Variations – it’s a lot of fun. Looking forward to hearing more about the WIP in due time.

    I promise I will post a review of AFP eventually. I’ve read that you lovely authors appreciate reviews from your readers and I’ve promised myself I’m going to review everything I read/listen to (big fan of audiobooks for commuting in the car). However, my review list needs a dose of your weedkiller!


    • Anji says:

      I thought my first comment got lost in cyberspace! So I rewrote it but couldn’t remember exactly what I’d said so it’s come out saying the same but in a different way! Hey ho!!


      • LOL! That happens to me all the time!

        I don’t hear from people very often, Anji, so I’m happy to have you comment twice!


      • Sheila L. M. says:

        For many years I read JAFF and posted just a couple of reviews – usually when I had something strong to say. But upon retirement I am now posting immediately plus going back, re-reading and posting on all that I read before. Got beyond 70 reviews recently but have over 100 JAFF books in paperback and kindle. I wouldn’t dare post without re-reading as some books do have similarities. Plus now that I have these sites which mention good books my wish list just keeps growing and growing. Cassandra, where do you live that you have tumbleweed? We lived in Texas, Ft. Hood, for several years so that state is one candidate. Curious.


  4. Hello Sheila!

    I have to confess, mine is virtual tumbleweed! I happened to mention it in my last post before this one, because I was confessing to leaving my Blog un-updated for too long at a time. 😀

    I live in Switzerland at the moment (since March) – no actual tumbleweed here – and I did live for 5 years in CT, where of course there was also no tumbleweed. My only ‘experience’, I’m afraid, comes from watching Westerns as I was growing up!

    And wow! Over 70 reviews! That is really impressive, well done!!!


  5. Tamara says:

    Cannot wait for the new book, just bought my sister in law your trilogy I know she is going to love it (not to mention getting no sleep). Have been so busy lately but dying to read the lizzy diary! 🙂


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