Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One

This chapter has now been removed. You can read the full story from 9th March in eBook or paperback.

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28 Responses to Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Chapter Twenty-One

  1. Cristina says:

    Yay! They are off! Miss E. Elliot is vile. I very much hope that Captain Wentworth starts recovering soon. So many twists and turns. It’s a delightful story and Anne is clever to suspect Mr Darcy has additional incentives to help her.

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  2. sheilalmajczan says:

    Elizabeth Elliot and her father had blocks of ice where a heart should be! I do hope Darcy can find a way out of the blackmail he is under. And I do hope the Captain survives and heals…knowing Anne is there has to help if he can regain consciousness enough to hear or see her. Thanks for this chapter.

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    • Cass says:

      We have made Sir W and EE rather awful, haven’t we? I think the clues were in the original text though. They don’t have hearts at all, especially where Anne is concerned!


  3. I hope this plan works. Will Sir Nasty find out and ruin everything?

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  4. Mari says:

    Thank you so much for the new chapter. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for writing this story for us to enjoy. Have a great day.

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  5. Glynis says:

    Thank you! Now Darcy needs to tell Elizabeth of Wickham! Then I’ve had a wonderful idea! Darcy could foil Sir Walter and his atrocious daughter by marrying Elizabeth? If that isn’t yet possible perhaps Anne may be able to discover what Miss Elliot did that they are trying to cover up and Darcy could reciprocate with blackmail of his own!

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  6. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Oh, things are getting tense! I do not like Sir Walter and Miss Elliot one bit! Well, Darcy is his own man so I can’t wait to see how he works it all out. I hope the Captain recovers soon and Anne is there when it happens.

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  7. Bonnie K. says:

    Ooh, I wonder what drama will unfold later.

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  8. Deborah says:

    I’ve just read this wonderful story through again from beginning. It will be so hard to wait for until the release date! I’ve always disliked Sir Walter and his evil E, but they are beyond disgusting here. I’m hopeful for their brilliant crash and burn!
    Good luck (and speed) with the edits. Enjoying this so much!

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  9. Oh what a drama is going on!! I truly dislike the Elliott’s! They are…. plain horrible!!
    Omg I hope Darcy and Elizabeth gets to talk especially about their differences and maybe can mend their feelings and together get Darcy out of the clutches of the Elliott’s! He doesn’t deserve this, Cass & Ada! Please hurry up with that next chapter! I am anxious about the captain and if he will survive?!

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  10. jbrand3039 says:

    Well, I read chapters 17 to 21 straight through! I was too caught up in the story to stop to reply. Elizabeth Eliot and her father are disgusting to say the least. Darcy should have called his bluff! Marriage is for life! Darcy could have agreed and then written out a marriage contract that would have made both of them miserable! Money is their aim since the father doesn’t seem to have any since he had to retrench. Does Elizabeth Eliot even have a dowry to speak of? While that is not important to Darcy regarding Elizabeth Bennet, I am sure that it is important regarding Miss Eliot! Poor Georgina! To feel that she is to blame! What if Darcy engages Georgina to the Colonel? Then the Colonel could call Sir Eliot out! That would be delicious! Hopefully, Darcy will sit down with Elizabeth and finally tell her the truth about Wickham and Bingley!

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    • Cass says:

      Interesting point re Miss Elliot having a dowry. I assume funds for that purpose were ring-fenced, because if they weren’t, stupid Sir Walter will have spent them on fine clothing, travel and refurbishing the house!!! 😳


  11. Donna Krug says:

    I do not see my earlier post. I am loving this book, but of course not Sir Elliot or Elizabeth Elliot. Darcy can make a settlement that protects his wealth from the Elliot debts and limits Elizabeth Elliot’s access to funds beyond her dowry, which should sour things some. It looks like a woman would not want a man who loved some one else, except in stories. I sure hope Captain Wentworth’s health improves. It is bad that dandy sissified gents like him look down their noses at people like the Captain protect and make the empire what it is. Thank you for sharing.


    • Cass says:

      Yes, Sir Walter and his eldest are quite the horrid pair, aren’t they?

      I suppose on marriage, any monies Elizabeth Elliot has would become Darcy’s rather than vice versa, but I wouldn’t put it past Sir Walter to try to get his son-in-law to help him out rather have the public embarrassment!

      Loving ‘sissified gents’! lol


  12. Donna Krug says:

    Oops, my typing went haywire at the end. Sir Elliot is the sissified dandy, not the Captain who is very brave indeed.

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  13. Tart says:

    Come on Darcy…Write a letter! 😉 I may or may not have yelled “Get her, Lizzy!” when they were leaving. 😂 Here’s hoping Frederick won’t be the only one opening his eyes soon 😉

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  14. Charmaine says:

    Fantastic!! I can’t wait to see how the Elliot’s are put in their place!!

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